iPhone 8 Plus CASE




This case is designed specifically for use with the iPhone 8 Plus. The book case for iPhone 8 Plus combine the card holder feature together into one carrying case. Crocodile embossing on tanned cowskin. Matte dyed leather with crocodile pattern creates luxurious impression. Available in black color.
Inside: card holder, slot pocket

-When carrying the electronic device, please properly secure in this product.
-Please take care as any strong impact, external force or sudden movement to in this product. may result in the electronic device falling out of this product. and sustaining damage.
-Any damages to a stored electronic device while using in this product. (including any consequential or indirect damages) are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty policy.

The ZIGGY series is inspired by David Bowie and offers items manufactured in black leather. Leather pull fasteners are used to maximize style with items offered in black color.The soft chrome leather base ensures each item has sturdy base which perfectly combines with the iconic starred motif to create items with an elegant & pop sensibility.This season sees the launch of two limited edition colorways gold and silver leather with a starred. The limited edition colorways are metallic gold and metallic silver, produced with leather and stamped with the iconic three-dimensional star pattern. Enjoy this classic and new series with the popular wallet, coin case and card case.

Surface: Embossed Cowhide

W95 H170 (mm)


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