This lightweight tote bag comes with a small pockets .The TOTE BAG is opened and closed by zipper and snap button, for easy removal of large items. This is perfect for work, travel, school and anywhere.Available in blue color.
-Top snap button and zipper closure
-Interior zipper pocket, velcro pocket and slot pocket.
-Miscellaneous A4 sized document fit

Denim bleeds color. Beware of colors bleeding on to clothing. Do not launder, wash or otherwise get wet. Take extra care in summertime or wet.

HEAD PORTER releases the DENIM series as part of the 2017 S/S collection. The DENIM collection offers items which combine the classic work style with the fresh summery “blue denim” material. The heaviness of the own-wash denim is balanced by the use of the thin lightweight cotton inner fabric to ensure a soft body to fit to each body. Details include white stitches, silver sliders & white porter tags, combining in an original style to be enjoyed as the denim ages with time.

Surface: Cotton Washed Denim
Liner: Cotton OX

W570-400 H400 H185 (mm)


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