How to Order

1. Choose the language to be delivery

HEAD PORTER ONLINE is shipping to Japanese domestic and overseas.

International member registration is necessary for overseas shipping, we ask that you do, choose with "EN" display language switching in the upper right corner of the screen, you will perform the registration.
Deliverable item is differnt depending on displaying language, please switch to your language of shipping address and enjoy your shopping.

2. Find the item you require
  1. Click on the link for a product category to bring up a list of items in that category.
  2. You can also search for items using keywords.
3. Add the item to your shopping cart
  1. Go to the Item Details page for the item, choose the color, size and quantity you require, then click the "Add to cart" button.
4. Check your shopping cart
  1. Check the items in your shopping cart:
    Check the name, color, size, quantity and price of the items in your shopping cart to make sure they are the items you selected.
  2. To continue shopping:
    To continue shopping, click on "Continue shopping". This will take you back to the Top page.
  3. To proceed to checkout:
    When you have checked all the items in your cart, click on "Proceed to checkout".
5. Enter your order information
  1. Shipping address:
    The registered address becomes a delivery address. Please notice being not able to buy the items until the change of registered is completed though the delivery address can be changed after it registers.
  2. Method of Payment:
    Please choose "Paypal" or "credit card".
    For your input to "order contents confirmation screen" after the credit card information.
  3. Proceed with the purchase:
    To make a correction, click on "Back". If the information you have entered is correct, click on "Next".
    *Please note that, at this stage, your order is not yet confirmed.
6. Confirm your order
  1. To pay by credit card, enter the number of your card and the expiry date. Check that the details you have entered is correct.
  2. If you need to make any corrections, click on "BACK" to return to the "Enter your order information" page.
  3. then click on "ORDER".
    * Please take care to click the "ORDER" button only once, then wait for the "Order completed" page to appear. If you click the "ORDER" button more than once, there is a risk that a duplicate order may be placed.
7. Order completed

When this page appears, it means that your order has been completed.
When your order is completed, an order confirmation message will be sent to your registered e-mail address. When this message arrives, please check the content of your order once more.
* Please contact HEAD PORTER in the event that you do not receive this message.

Please enjoy shopping in HEAD PORTER ONLINE.